What do you need to know when running an international sweepstakes?

Have you ever wanted to run a sweepstakes and include your international consumers as well as those in the US? Well, you can, but you have to be aware of a few things…

Sweepstakes & Contests are highly regulated.
While most countries allow sweepstakes or contests, there are some that do not, and many have very specific regulations that pertain to running a promotion. Spain, for example, requires that the sweepstakes be restricted to only Spanish citizens and not include any other country’s citizens. Contest in Brazil are permissible as long as the sponsor meets government requirements and then only residents of Brazil can enter. There are many such arcane laws, so it is wise to hire an administrator familiar with international promotions.

International privacy and data protection laws can affect your sweepstakes.
Internationally, the laws surrounding data protection and privacy are even stricter than in the US. In addition, US companies that sponsor promotions outside the US have to contend with the transfer of data if the server is in the US. This can bring the complex laws of each country involved into play. In order to do this safely, it’s best to involve partners that are familiar with each country’s laws in this area.

Prizes should be chosen carefully.
Sometimes deciding on prizes for an international sweepstakes or contest isn’t as simple as thinking about items that appeal to the target consumer. Some countries have restrictions on the types of prizes allowed, and other countries might charge duties and taxes on prizes delivered to their citizens.

For more information, contact Lisa Manhart at lmanhart@sweepspros.com or call (212) 302-8277 Ext. 3009.


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