In a world of instant gratification, instant win games are the darlings of the promotions industry

When consumers don’t have to wait weeks or months to find out if they’ve won something, they are much more likely to participate. The call to take IMMEDIATE action makes instant win games the clear choice for marketers who want to excite millions.

A case in point: an instant win game Ventura developed for the release of a popular music artist’s new CD. To play, consumers obtained a code from the CD or online, visited a URL or connected on Facebook, accepted or declined a promotional offer, and then found out if they were a winner.   Exciting prizes, such as a VIP trip to attend a major music awards show with a private jet and backstage passes, concert tickets and autographed band merchandise, were given away on the spot. The result: sales goals achieved. And the promotion was repeated by the artist’s record label for other CD launches. Now that’s what we call success.

Just like many promotion tactics, instant win games create a ton of excitement and help increase sales. Why else would a famous fast food chain continue to heavily promote its annual instant win game? Let Ventura help YOU be an instant winner and meet your goals. Plus, you can save $2,500.00* when you have us develop your instant win game!* Contact us today to set up a brainstorming call.


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